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How Does Cloud Hosting Edge Over Shared Hosting?

Although the advantages of Cloud Web Hosting are well known, Shared Hosting remains the preferred choice among new business websites. This is particularly due to the reason that it fits well within the budget of budding entrepreneurs. Also, it is much easier to start with for those who have no technical knowhow about web hosting. But, with an increase in business and growth in traffic, there comes a time when websites hosted on Shared Hosting becomes very slow and cannot keep pace with the aspirations of the business. That is where Cloud Hosting comes into the picture.

Disadvantages of Shared Hosting

If you are on Shared Hosting and you start experiencing any of the factors enumerated below, then it may be the time to make the switch to Cloud Hosting.

  1. Slow performance: With high traffic, sometimes your website can experience slow page loading time. Page speed is an important factor both for user experience and search engine rankings. Shared Hosting has limitations when it comes to resources, and since most of the resources are shared between many clients, your website may end up having very slow page speed.
  2. Security concerns: A server is shared between many users, which poses security threats. The same IP address is allocated to all the users, so if one gets blacklisted, it could have an adverse impact on others as well.
  3. Control: Shared Hosting doesn’t allow much customisability due to its restricted server access.

These factors can help you determine the right time to migrate from Shared Hosting. Cloud Web Hosting is a trustworthy option to overcome the lacunae of Shared Hosting.

Advantages of Cloud Web Hosting

  1. Highly reliable: Being connected to many servers, it offers high reliability in case of a glitch in one server. This provides consistent uptime for your website, which can allow your business to flourish.
  2. Better performance: Cloud Hosting is at the pinnacle position when it comes to performance. It loads at lightning speed which can process dynamic requests with ease. This is particularly helpful for a website with high traffic volume.
  3. Scalable: You can easily increase or decrease the opt-in resources as per your requirement, without waiting for permission from the hosting provider. One can easily scale RAM and CPU resources instantly.
  4. Better security: It allows auto up-gradation, which keeps your website database secured from cyberattacks. It is well suited for protection against threats like malware attacks, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, and cross-scripting. Data is also secured through encrypting,  which makes it impossible for hackers to read valuable information.


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5 Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a Web Hosting

5 Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a Web Hosting

In essence, the web host you chose would primarily depend on the goals of your website. However, there are common factors which you should look for before taking the plunge. Here, we chalk out the five most important factors that would help you select the best web hosting services for your business.

1. Reliability and uptime- You would not want your website experiencing downtime especially during peak hours. Select a web hosting provider that guarantees an uptime of at least 99.9%, with the recommended value of 99.5%. Uptime is not only crucial for your website’s traffic but is a critical SEO determining factor.

2. Hardware- With an increase in traffic, the cheapest plans would not suffice. Ample disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and processing capacity are some of the hardware specifications you should be familiar with before choosing one to host your website.

3. Type of server- With so many options to choose from, it can be confusing at times. The most common types of server available are Shared, Dedicated, VPS and Cloud website Hosting. Shared Web Hosting is particularly suitable for small businesses as the cost of the server is shared between the clients.

4. Customer support- It is vital to select a company with an excellent customer rating. Technical support over the phone, e-mails, and live chats are some of the things you should be considering. A good provider would have a responsive and robust presence on social media platforms.

5. Price- It is not in your best interest to jump on the cheapest plan you are offered. However, a cost-effective solution like a Shared Hosting could be a good idea for new businesses. The significant costs involved are mainly the installation and renewal charges. Compare prices between providers offering the same type of services.

The purpose of your website would dictate the type of web hosting services you should opt for. Are you going to rely on WordPress, or you have the plan to go for an e-commerce website? Different types of website have different requirements. However, keep in mind the above 5 factors before choosing your web host. You would not want to regret later.
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Navigating Through Web Hosting Options


A lot has changed in the way technology is perceived and used today. More than making life easier, innovative technologies are directed towards streamlining processes and ensuring the efficiency of traditional systems. Such changes reflect quite prominently when we look at the websites that are being built today, and their hosting systems.

Are you a business owner who is seeking the best hosting option for your website? Or even a site owner who wishes to migrate from the traditional processes into something more cutting-edge? Then browse through these popular options in hosting and find the best fit for you. 

Shared Hosting 

As self-explanatory from the term, this option uses a shared hosting platform. There is a common physical server, and multiple users can use allocated parts of it, sharing all resources, including hardware, software, operational cost, and so on. You have no control over the hosting server. If you ever need to scale up your resources, in times of traffic surges on your website, you would have to place a request with your hosting provider, and depending on availability and feasibility, you can avail of the addition. Shared hosting is by far the cheapest hosting option and is perfect for businesses with very little traffic flow or data volume (personal blogs sites, static corporate sites, early stages of startups, etc.)

Dedicated Hosting

Completely contrary to the model of shared hosting, dedicated hosting uses ‘dedicated’ resources for your server. You will have complete privacy and privilege of using every asset that you need. Your hosting provider will also assign you an account manager to take care of the daily ops. Since it’s your private server, you have full access and control over its functions. However, this is a premium service and can be quite expensive, unless you have the budget or the need to do so. Hence this is mostly used by large corporations. Also, since you own the entire system, any malfunction at any point can affect its performance. 

Cloud Hosting 

Moving away from the conventional hosting systems, cloud website hosting is a growing practice and quite popular among millennial site owners. It involves multiple servers, but all connected to a physical system. These servers are then duplicated and spread across further smaller servers, thus allowing ample redundancy. If any of such smaller servers ever fail, the resources can be immediately replaced with the next functional one. Also, with multiple servers involved in the model, your hosting provider can easily scale up the server resources whenever you need. This makes cloud hosting faster and more efficient. Also, since there is hardly any physical resources involved, the cost of cloud hosting is considerably cheaper than the others. 

Summing up…

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How to Select the Best Caching Solution for Your WordPress Website[approved]

Websites need to have blazing fast speeds. As a website owner, the margin for error is very small. According to Kissmetrics, nearly 47% of users want your website to load within two seconds and nearly 40% of users abandon sites which take longer than three seconds to load. A few years back, search giant Google announced the inclusion of website load speed in the algorithm for determining search results ranking. To summarize, a slow-loading website can lead to a loss of page rank in search engines, brand reputation, and will eventually impact the business.

Site owners who are aware of the importance of loading speeds are aware of the page load times of their website and constantly endeavour to improve them. You can test the speed of your website by using tools like Pingdom, Monitis, Uptime Robot, etc. Now, you might want to look at techniques that can help you optimize your site for speed like:

  • Image Optimization
  • Video Optimization
  • Reducing the number of plugins in use
  • CSS and JavaScript Optimization
  • Caching Solutions, etc.

In this article, we will look at some caching solutions for a WordPress website.

What is Caching?

When a customer visits your website and accesses a page, the request is sent from his device to the web server. The server processes the request and forwards relevant content and files to the user’s device. Depending on the type of content, this process can take time.

Caching is a process of creating static versions of web pages. Hence, when a user visits your website and accesses a page, the request is sent to the caching server. This server checks its cache to see if the information is available with it. If yes, then the relevant files are forwarded to the user’s device directly without going through the web server. This reduces the fulfilment time and also frees up resources on the web server leading to an overall improvement in performance and speed of the website.

Aspects to consider before choosing a Caching solution for your WP website

  • Features: Assess the requirements of your website and ensure that the features offered by the caching solution align with them.
  • Reviews: Research well and try to talk to people who have used the solution and benefitted from it. Try to find users who have tried multiple solutions so that they can offer a fair comparison.
  • Price: There are many free caching plugins available in WordPress. If you are looking for a premium plugin, then ensure that you are getting better features than the free ones.
  • Regular Updates: The plugin must have an active developer community who keep updating it regularly. An outdated plugin
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Dubai’s Christmas 2018 – Why not you plan a lovely Christmas retreat in Dubai?

To give a charge from a brilliantly bright and warm Christmas in Dubai does not mean that you should provide an excellent opportunity for fun pleasure. The tolerant Muslim emirate catches the soul of Christmas with many opportunities that are suitable for the whole family. So everyone will be happy in this happy Christmas to unite with the joy of Christians. With this happy fun, there are many promotional offers for people who enjoy the eve of the budget they spend. So, one of them is a free-type shuttle with peak-to-peak offerings, that is, rent a car Dubai to enchant the Dubai roads to the beauty of beautiful Dubai for this special occasion to take and collect. The following are special prices for Christmas 2018, so you have to plan a good Christmas in Dubai.

Winter festival

The winter festival, held every year at the Dubai Media City Amphitheater, is the biggest event of its kind in the city. His main passion is a slowdown market that offers everything from pockets to jewelry to artworks, expressions and artworks, perfect for taking a standard gift for a friend or relative. There are also fun exercises, including Gingerbread House Decorating, where the whole family can postpone their shopping and make their own gingerbread house to bring them home. You will discover other famous Christmas attractions, including song artists, Aladdin’s Christmas adventure and its magic, Santa’s cave, and Everyday Christmas tree. Also, it can be Dubai, but at the same time, there is snow! The whole family can participate in fighting in the snow or snowman, who works in the snow cover zone.

Christmas markets

Recently, the Christmas markets have gradually become famous in Dubai, and now guests are being destroyed for business decision-making throughout the city. Two of the best of this year are the “Beautiful Dubai” on the Arab farms on December 9 and the Christmas Berry Carnival on Social and Grill Reform. Neighborhood residents will use used items in Dubai’s Pre-Beloved, and there will also be a delay in offering a wide variety of Christmas items. Santa Claus is sure to fly, and during the day there will be a contrast of painting to extend cover and henna. At the Reform Social and Grill dining room, the multi-day festival from 15 to 17 December includes the handmade Dubai exhibition. We offer hope for the discovery of handmade products, clothing, jewelry, and house style. The section is free, and there are many children’s exercises and in addition to the daily visit to Santa Fe.

Christmas at the opera

Dubai Opera, executive expressions, offers a break of shopping and Santa. 16 and 17 December, they add to the fact that the concert … Read More

UK Productivity Growth: Get the Lowest-Cost Merchant Services

Since the years of the financial crisis, low productivity growth has been present in the British economy. From 2010 to 2016, output per hour grew, on average, by just 0.2% a year. This was less than 2.5%, which was registered between 1950 and 2007. How can you get approved for the lowest-cost merchant services for your business? Just keep on reading and you’ll know.

 Productivity Growth in Britain

The UK’s output per hour continues to be around a quarter behind competitors like France and Germany. This means it takes British workers 5 days to produce the results that others produce in 4 hours.

Businesses, specifically those that export, reached the highest level of their confidence for 2 years in the 2nd quarter of 2018. This is according to the latest Business Confidence Monitor from the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales.

UK firms’ sales have improved. Also, they now enjoy profit growth. This accounts for more capital investment and spending on R&D. Profits have grown by 4pc on average over the past 12 months. A similar growth rate is anticipated in the year ahead. This refers to all types of companies.

UK workers’ productivity growth registered in the last decade was the worst since the 1820s. The output level is still only barely above the point there was before the financial crisis.

Considering the current situation, it’s critical for merchants to work with a reputable merchant services provider. Best Payment Providers, a respectable comparison company, can help you get the lowest-cost merchant services without challenges.

Best Payment Providers will provide you with free consultation and contract reviews, rates, as well as fees. Since the integration requirements are as much important as fees and customer service, Best Payment Providers always checks all provider’s integration process so to be sure you’re getting a smooth transition and onboarding process.

British Productivity Growth and Brexit

Staff turnover was another area of concern according to Michael Izza, who is the chief executive of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW). The construction and business services sectors considered this a major problem.

The importance of productivity growth is the latest and most significant aspect of Britain’s economy. Currently, capital spending is improving. As a share of GDP, total investment has been a percentage point above its average since the crisis. Moreover, foreign firms are readily making investments.

When it comes to Brexit, reliable trade models speak of long-term losses from Brexit of up to 10% of GDP, depending on the way it’s conducted. As far as productivity is concerned, as for so much else, the way Brexit is conducted is the most crucial point.

In theory, investment could account for … Read More

How to Get 1 Million Dollar Sales on Your E-Commerce Store from First 6 Months of Launch

Over the past few years we have seen the rise of several internet millionaires/billionaires most of whom are running a business out of an e-commerce store. Every now and then we hear of a new e-commerce store and often find ourselves shopping or at least “window shopping” at one. Often these e-commerce products represent a part of your dream – somewhere you too have dreamed of selling a similar kind of product or owning an e-commerce business. So what has stopped you from turning that dream into reality? – Self-doubt? Credibility of your idea? Lack of capital? Or did you not give yourself enough credit and told yourself, you just didn’t know how to go about it. Dear future e-commerce entrepreneur, here’s a popular saying from the e-world for you – when in doubt, Google! Since you have already started doing that and reached this page let’s get you started with the answers you are looking for.

Create a Brand

If you were to talk to any successful e-commerce store like Beard brand, Flux Ventures, etc. the first thing they tell you is that you need to have a brand identity. When you build your brand, it is easier for customers to talk about you. If they are talking about you, it means you are getting free marketing via word of mouth. It also enables your products to have a higher pricing point and better valuation. E-commerce stores pop up every day and die, but it’s a brand that lives on. Let’s take Apple for example. People buy the products just for the brand name. In other words – brands inspire loyalty. We just can’t stress enough how important branding is. Although one thing that can be said for sure is that Instagram advertising is one good way to go about it.

Find a Winning Product

The names that you know today as giants in the e-commerce retail space were once stores with one single product and zero sales. Amazon started by selling books, Zappos launched itself as a shoe store. What both of them did was that they started small by focussing on a singular product. Let’s look at it this way – you aim is to sell a solution. What for you is a product, for the customer is a solution. People buy solutions to make an ex jealous, something for their prom, a solution for the big anniversary dinner, something offering them retail therapy. So ask yourself this – is your product that solution? Do your research to gain an understanding of the latest trends and narrow down on a profitable niche.

Connect with you Customers – Make it real

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