Check Out These Top Four Popular Selfie Drones

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Finding the right drone is primarily a matter of determining what it will be used for, then evaluating the current market to find a product that fits the consumer’s budget. Historically, drones have been used primarily for filming sweeping landscapes and movie scenes, but today they are becoming popular for more mundane uses such as taking better selfies. Check out the reviews of several of the Top Selfie Drones below to get started finding the perfect option.

Foldable Selfie Pocket Drone

This drone is small enough to fit in a consumer’s pocket and can be easily controlled through a simple, user-friendly smartphone app. While its camera quality is not as high as some of its competitors and can only be used for 6-8 minutes at a time between charges, this drone’s user-friendly interface and entirely reasonable price tag make it a popular option for consumers on a budget.

GoolRC Drone Foldable Selfie

This foldable mini-drone is perfect for amateur photographers and videographers, although its 720p camera may not be powerful enough for those looking for professional, HD resolution results. This drone is popular primarily thanks to its portability and ease of operation. It comes with a responsive G-sensor remote, allowing users to operate it with one hand, and an integrated “beauty mode” for its app that gives users the ability to edit photos directly without the need for purchasing additional editing software.

Zertech Dobby Pocket Selfie Mini Drone

This more advanced drone features a 4k camera capable of capturing professional quality images and videos. Its camera angle can be adjusted by hand into six different positions, and the drone itself weighs only about as much as an iPhone and is small enough to fit in a user’s pocket. Unlike many of its competitors, this drone also offers voice command, allowing for hands-free operation, and advanced face and target tracking.

Wingsland S6 Selfie Pocket Drone

The Wingsland S6 is arguably one of the best selfie mini-drones currently available, featuring a 4K HD camera that provides a 360-degree viewing field. It is also easy to control and can be landed via auto-land, auto-home, or manual control. Its advanced automatic control features make it a fantastic option for anyone who prioritizes simple, hands-free control.