How to Write Essays Numbering Five Paragraphs or More Finally Revealed

essays-numbering-five-paragraphsThere are two types of essay—the compositions that border on being a diary entry with a given topic or question or essays per excellence that tackle a given subject matter more academically and with a more recognizable structure of introduction, conflict, proofs and conclusions, and resolutions. You should focus on what you’ve learned and compile them in a readable fashion when making an essay paper. An essay can be easy or hard through one key realization—an essay should always reflect the author’s voice, his articulateness, and his ability to communicate what he has in mind in the best of his abilities. After all, a true essay is personal. It should be as unique as a thumbprint and recognizably yours. It shouldn’t spout off random facts it should discuss your understanding and point of view of these facts.

A Personal Look Into You

* An essay is an attempt at disseminating information in such a personal manner using only your own words and barely the words of others that it serves as an almost unintentional look into who you are without being outright autobiographical. It’s also determined by the writer’s mood or the mood of the essay (not angry or sad, but whether the essay should be whimsical, satirical, or serious). It is poetry focused more on reason rather than rhyme or structure.

* To make essay writing easier, write the first introductory sentence discussing the topic. Then write one or two sentences covering two subjects connected to the topic. From there, write the first sentence of your concluding paragraph. Finally, fill in the blanks and connect these three to four sentences together to form a coherent and cohesive essay. The more examples you can come up with, the easier it is for you to fill up the word count with on-topic sentences.

* You can also write your essay the same way a poet writes a rough draft of a poem prior to making it rhyme and have correct meter. The more you’re able to capture whatever passing mood you have for the moment when discussing the topic assigned to you or the subject you yourself have chosen, the easier it is to write until you fill in the word count and sum everything up in a concluding sentence.

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