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Let the Singing Bowls Sing

The best way for you to choose and buy a unique singing bowl is to hear the sound it resonates. You can see how you and the bowl resemble to each other by the vibration it is generating. There are various levels of sounds produced by high quality singing bowls and you might have specific preference for specific range. On the other hand, that’s something that you should discover for yourself, the resonance between you and the sound of the bowl.

It turns out that the bowls are not only for fun. It is due to the reason that the bowls have a side purpose and that’s to restore the vibratory frequency body, soul and mind that are out of harmony. The sounds it emit work as a kind of energy medicine that’s been known to heal depression, stress disorders as well as pain. Interestingly enough, the healing process starts by training brain waves to synchronize with the bowl’s sounds.

In the East, health is deemed differently compared to the West. Illness is seems to be a disharmony of the body such as imbalance in organ or cells. With this in mind, since matter is energy that is vibrating at different rates, matter’s structure could be changed when you are altering the vibration rate. The body is also believed healthy if the organ and the cell resonates in harmony with the whole body. The bowls are making our brain switch to Theta brainwave frequency which increases intuition, improve clarity and helps enter peaceful state. This affects the nervous system positively and engaging our relaxation reflex while inhibiting stress response or pain.

If there’s alignment, healing and health will eventually follow and be balanced leading to deeper harmony within and at the same time, without. With this, it can lead to natural healing of the body. Given that the science behind this is now uncovered slowly, today’s medicine is starting to measure and also, validate its ability to heal the mind, body and soul.

Because there are scientists who uncovered the upper end of Theta brainwave range is deemed important to heal the mind, body and spirit, this is sometimes called as “being in the zone” by meditators, musicians and athletes. Right after reaching that state, you’ll be able to get into deeper potential of the mind and also, experience the true effect of energy healing. This is the reason why singing bowls are being used for healing and relaxation and even in various yoga classes.

But all these benefits can be achieved if you are aware how to play it right.

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