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How to Select the Best Caching Solution for Your WordPress Website[approved]

Websites need to have blazing fast speeds. As a website owner, the margin for error is very small. According to Kissmetrics, nearly 47% of users want your website to load within two seconds and nearly 40% of users abandon sites which take longer than three seconds to load. A few years back, search giant Google announced the inclusion of website load speed in the algorithm for determining search results ranking. To summarize, a slow-loading website can lead to a loss of page rank in search engines, brand reputation, and will eventually impact the business.

Site owners who are aware of the importance of loading speeds are aware of the page load times of their website and constantly endeavour to improve them. You can test the speed of your website by using tools like Pingdom, Monitis, Uptime Robot, etc. Now, you might want to look at techniques that can help you optimize your site for speed like:

  • Image Optimization
  • Video Optimization
  • Reducing the number of plugins in use
  • CSS and JavaScript Optimization
  • Caching Solutions, etc.

In this article, we will look at some caching solutions for a WordPress website.

What is Caching?

When a customer visits your website and accesses a page, the request is sent from his device to the web server. The server processes the request and forwards relevant content and files to the user’s device. Depending on the type of content, this process can take time.

Caching is a process of creating static versions of web pages. Hence, when a user visits your website and accesses a page, the request is sent to the caching server. This server checks its cache to see if the information is available with it. If yes, then the relevant files are forwarded to the user’s device directly without going through the web server. This reduces the fulfilment time and also frees up resources on the web server leading to an overall improvement in performance and speed of the website.

Aspects to consider before choosing a Caching solution for your WP website

  • Features: Assess the requirements of your website and ensure that the features offered by the caching solution align with them.
  • Reviews: Research well and try to talk to people who have used the solution and benefitted from it. Try to find users who have tried multiple solutions so that they can offer a fair comparison.
  • Price: There are many free caching plugins available in WordPress. If you are looking for a premium plugin, then ensure that you are getting better features than the free ones.
  • Regular Updates: The plugin must have an active developer community who keep updating it regularly. An outdated plugin
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