Why Fashions Aren’t As Bad As You Think

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Why A Fanny Pack Is A Practical Purse

Sporting a fanny pack was the in-thing in the 80s and was particularly patronized by almost everyone, from joggers to busy people, who wanted a light carrying sack that could be strapped into their waistlines, within reach of their lifeline things which were basically their house or car keys, cell phones, etc. In the 15th century, the French invented a belt which had an extra small bag attached on it and they called it a chatelaine and this began with the evolution of fanny packs. Even the name, “fanny pack,” was so-called because it was originally worn around the waist, specifically just above the rear, until its design evolved such that it can be worn slung at the side, hips, or in the middle of the waist, of which because of how it was positioned it gave rise to many name descriptions, like belly bag, buffalo pouch, belt pack, belted satchel, however, the name fanny pack simply stuck more on the people’s minds.

With more celebrities rocking on this accessory, the fanny pack has become a trending thing and its revival has prepped up many bag designers to come up with choices from utilitarian bags to the ultra chic, and celebrities are seen wearing their fanny packs snugly on their waists or slung across their body. Practically all fashion designers are into their own version of fanny packs, utilizing as many different kinds of fabrics and patterns – plaid, leather, satin, sequined, animal skin, and even smiley faces. Styling the fanny pack as the it-fashion statement of the decade can be creatively pleasurable because of its handy nature because it can readily blend with the kind of fashion which the wearer is more comfortable, and, thus, it can be worn as a sleek satchel for the woman on the go, an impossibly chic accessory, a sure-fire back pack statement, an effortless way to be in jeans and jacket, or using leather iteration for a change. It is not just because fanny packs have become a comeback trend that people from all walks of life have come to terms to own one, but simply because they have found fanny packs to offer them with substantial benefits and not just a fashion statement, and these are – the comfort of wearing fanny packs since it eliminates the concept of carrying unnecessary stuff but just the most important; the position of wearing fanny packs actually relieves the wearer from back and shoulder pains; they are perfect in-between bags which can be sneaked in without creating attention; when traveling, the fanny pack is a tremendous accessory with less bulk load to carry but just your passport, keys, credit cards, and other small important items and easily passing through airport security effortlessly; people value for of the fanny pack not just as a fashion accessory but more for its functionality; any wearer of a fanny pack is unashamed to don it un-boxing the fashion mindsets of people all over the world.
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